Mixed Martial Arts

The Phoenix Fitness and MMA Warehouse combines Wrestling, Striking, and Jiu Jitsu to create a Mixed Martial Arts program that's perfect for anyone waiting to get in shape and learn proficient self defense.

Coach George Lockhart has a heritage of training professional fighters over years in The U.S.M.C. and out. Our lead instructor, Coaches and students have competed on the national and international arena and have been featured in the UFC, AFL, and other organizations. Whether you want to fight competitively, learn to defend yourself or train to get in shape, you will find that training along side professional fighters will get you the best results and more wins under your belt than other less established program s.

In addition to our Classes:

  • Kids Classes.
  • Kickboxing (on the bags).
  • Kickboxing (Technique) and sparring.
  • Mixed Martial Arts
  • Combat Conditioning
  • Female Fit Classes.
  • *We also have an invite-only, The Phoenix MMA Competition Team.